Triple Tail Fishing in Boca Grande, FL

Considered a pelagic fish that’s usually found floating with seaweed patches and grass patches similar to Mahi Mahi. They can also be found near floating logs, crab trap buoys, or anything floating along due to the floating debris attracting smaller bait fish. They hide behind the floating object and ambush the smaller fish.

One of the healthiest fish to eat due to them being low in mercury. They can reach lengths of up to 42” with a minimum size limit of 18”. If you like sight fishing like Captain Dylan then this is the fish for you. First we will spot them on the floating debris as they hangout right at the surface of the water sometimes even their fins will be sticking out of the water. Then we will get close enough to cast pilchards, shrimp, or even a lure at them while trying to remain far enough away to not spook them.

When you get your bait within 10 feet of whatever they are floating with its almost a guarantee you will be able to watch them eat your bait and then its fish on!! The best times to target them is when stone crab season starts in October and then all the way into our cold months of January and February.

triple tail fishing charter boca grande fl
triple tail charter boca grande

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