Redfish Charter Fishing in Boca Grande

Looking for Redfish Charter Fishing in Boca Grande? We specialize in finding and helping you catch the largest redfish in the area.

Red Drum Aka the Redfish is another well known inshore game fish in Southwest Florida that is very exciting to target due to them schooling up in large groups of hundreds of fish.

They are called red drum because they make a drumming sound similar to Black Drum. Captain Dylan loves chumming them up with pilchards and throwing live bait to them with many fall days of up to 100 fish being caught in a single day. The Charlotte Harbor is well known for its very shallow grass flats, sand bars, and oyster beds that redfish love and need to feed and reproduce.

Redfish have a life expectancy of 40 years and grow to be around 45”. The best times to target redfish would be the fall months of September, October, and November, and even into December. But we do catch them all year round.

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