Charter Fishing For Tarpon in Boca Grande Pass

The all notorious silver king is without a doubt the hardest fish to land due to its extreme size, hard boney mouth, and its acrobatic jumps that will often throw your hook right back at you. Boca Grande pass is the Tarpon capital of America!

In this “Tarpon Heaven” thousands of tarpon migrate every summer to feed on all the pass crabs being flushed out with the tides. Fossil research shows tarpon have been swimming in our oceans since prehistoric times. They can reach a size of 8 feet long and almost 300 pounds!

Tarpon have a special ability to gulp air at the surface when they are in a habitat that doesn’t provide enough oxygen. The best times to target tarpon in southwest Florida is summer time when they will be in the passes and along the beaches all the way to fall when they will start pushing north up into the Charlotte harbor.

boca grande tarpon fishing

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